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squatch freq

Embrace the Wild with the Squatch Freq Hat

For the Adventurous and the Myth Seekers Step into the legend with the Squatch Freq Hat from Total Freq. Perfect for those who love to explore the unknown and live for the thrill of the wilderness, this hat is your symbol of adventure and mystery. Choose your favorite color, and we'll add the unique Squatch Freq patch, making it distinctly yours.

Live the Squatch Freq Lifestyle:

  • Mystery and Adventure: Whether you're hiking deep in the forest or simply enjoying the great outdoors, being a Squatch Freq means embracing the unknown and seeking out new experiences.
  • Connection with Nature: Channel the spirit of the legendary Sasquatch as you explore and connect with the natural world around you.
  • Symbol of Exploration: The Squatch Freq Hat is more than just a hat—it's a badge of honor for those who thrive on adventure and the allure of the wild.

Join the Legend: Ready to embrace your inner explorer and add a touch of mystery to your adventures? Click [Add to Cart], pick your color, and let the Squatch Freq Hat be your guide through the wilderness.

Total Freq - Exploring the unknown, one Squatch Freq at a time.

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